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It Wasn’t Kidney Stones, It Was Just a Lousy Backache

I woke up one morning with an aching back. It hurt on my right side, traveled around the hip to the front, and it hurt down my leg too. It hurt so bad that I actually went to the ER later in the evening. They suspected kidney stones, but an ultrasound did not show any. The blood work did not indicate any kidney damage or problems, and my urinalysis was normal. So, having a clean bill of health for my kidneys was nice, but it did nothing for the pain flareups. I went to a Sacramento chiropractor after a doctor suggested nerve involvement from my back causing the problem.

It is good to get problems checked out to make sure they are not something else before you go assuming it is just a regular backache. However, once the tests show that everything else is normal, then it probably is nerve impingement, or a subluxation, of the back that can cause all kinds of weird symptoms to manifest.Read more

An Apartment Close to Work

One day, I want to own my own home. I have a lot of things I need to accomplish before that though, including finding the job that I will retire from. Right now, I am just climbing the corporate ladder, and I knew that I would probably work for several companies before getting hired at my dream job. Because of that, I could not make any permanent ties like buying a house, because I could be living halfway across the country with very little notice. I looked at Silver Spring MD apartments when I first became interested in a position in D.C. because I wanted far enough out of the nation’s capital to enjoy a slower paced life but close enough to where it would not be a hassle running into the office.

I looked on a map and decided that Silver Spring, Maryland was the perfect town for both of those things. I looked at the Ashford at Woodlake complex and really liked everything I saw.Read more