A Nice Three Bedroom Apartment for the Three of Us

I was looking for a nice place for my small family to live. There is just the three of us, which includes my husband, myself, and our ten year old son. I was going to look at two bedroom apartments for rent in Miami Beach, but I changed my mind after I saw a three bedroom unit that was available at Treasures on the Bay. That is a very appropriate name for the apartment complex, because it is right on the bay and it is absolutely a treasure for all three of us.

Our son has been to the beach hundreds of times and considers it his favorite place to be in the entire world. He has never been outside of Florida, but I can still appreciate his sentiment because I happen to like the beach a lot too. My husband grew up in the northwest and didn’t have an upbringing like I did, so he favors the golf courses rather than the beach. The apartment that we finally settled on is close to both the beach, as in it is right outside the door, as well as the golf courses that my husband likes to play at.

The reason I changed my mind about the two bedroom apartment I was initially looking for is because I happened to see the floor plan of a three bedroom apartment at the complex that I was interested in, and I noticed that they were not using the third bedroom as a bedroom at all. Instead, it was being used as a home office as well as a den. There was a desk against one wall, and a large oversized comfy chair and an accent table on the other side. It was like an escape from reality room, and it has since become a retreat when any of us needs a break from a humdrum day. This apartment is so nice that we rarely have to use it, but it’s nice that it is there if we do!