I Am the One Who Called the Shots This Year

My husband is someone who likes to call the shots for most things. I am pretty passive, so I usually let him do so without much fuss from me. But when it comes to vacations, he was controlling where we went each time a little too much. We mostly went to the places that he wanted to visit, so this year I put my foot down and told him that I was interested in luxury rentals in Vail for a change of pace. He whined a little at first, but I told him that he gets his way with most everything, and now it is my turn to call the shots about our vacation time. He continued to grumble, but he knew that it is only fair that things are more balanced.

I hoped that he would not complain the whole time we were visiting, but before we even left for the trip, I was pleased to see that he was getting pretty excited about it. Neither one of us have been skiing before, but he was pretty excited when we went to go get all of our ski attire ahead of time. This prompted him to learn more about snow skiing by watching videos and reading a bunch of different websites online. He talks excitedly about it time and time again before we left on the trip.

I have to say that this trip was one of the most romantic ones that we have ever taken. Once there, my hubby settled into life in Vail quite easily. He was the one that woke us up every morning so that we could go to learn how to ski at the classes we signed up for. We only have to take two classes before we were allowed to go out on our own. Each night we would come back to the rental, sit in the warm, steaming jacuzzi for an hour or two and then we would get ready to go eat at some of the really nice restaurants in the city.