Looking Forward to Living in the City

I needed to find Asheville NC apartments for rent after I recently received a promotion at work. I work in a high stress, long hours type industry, and this new job meant that I would need to be near work in order to respond faster if some sort of crisis goes down. The thing about my line of work is that there is a crisis at least once a week. The guy who held my new position before me ended up leaving because the stress got to be too much. Hopefully that won’t happen to me.

The one thing that would help is living much closer to my workplace. I live outside the city now and it takes a good twenty minutes to drive into the city, park, and get into the building. I needed to find an apartment that is mere minutes away. Ideally, I could literally walk to work in less than five minutes, but whatever the case I simply needed to be much closer. I found a new complex online that is getting ready to provide luxury apartment living to new tenants right here in the city. The best thing is that it is very close to work.

I talked to someone on the phone for a good twenty minutes about the rent, the floor plans, and the amenities before making an appointment to meet with them the next day. The rent is higher than I am used to, but after seeing what they’re going to accomplish with these units, I’m willing to pay the price. I doubt I’ll even need a car because the complex is located in a place that is surrounded by restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment facilities. I feel like living here is going to make my new job easier and I can’t wait to move in!