We Love Living at the District

I needed to look only at Colton apartments that allowed dogs. I have two labs who mean the world to me, and there was no way I could ever move into a complex that did not allow dogs to live there too. They are only two years old, so they are quite playful and they just bring so much joy into my life. I take them to a doggy day care when I am at work, and they absolutely love it there. That is why I needed to find a home for all three of us rather than just for me.

I did a search for pet friendly apartments and I was so happy when I found there are quite a few. I honestly thought it would be hard to find one, but I guess the management teams at the various apartment complexes are realizing that people are not going to give up their dogs to move into an apartment, no matter how nice it is. When I looked at the pet policy for The District apartments, I was happy that my dogs are friendly with cats too since both types of animals are allowed here.

After seeing that they would be allowed to live here with me, I had to look at the floor plans and community amenities to make sure I would be happy living here. I was really excited about what I saw. Whoever designed these apartments must have lived in one before because everything that an apartment dweller would want is included in each unit. It took me only minutes of looking at the website for the apartments to know that I was going to fill out a rental application. We now live here, and all three of us have made some really great friends just in the few months that we have been calling it home.