Finding an Affordable Yet Luxurious Apartment

When my husband suggested that we look at some Charlotte NC luxury apartments when we were looking for a new place to live, I almost said no because I thought the price would be too high for the two of us. I gave it a second thought before saying anything though, and then I realized that the worst that could happen is that we would have to go back to looking at something a little less classy. I am so glad that he suggested this because I knew as soon as I looked at the prices that this was something we would definitely be able to afford.

I don’t know why I thought it would be not be affordable, because high prices means that no one would live there. We both have good jobs, and I knew that we would be able to swing the rental payments every month as well as the other costs associated with renting an apartment. One thing that I wanted to look at though was one that would allow us to bring our two dogs with us. There was just no way I would ever consider any apartment if they had a strict no pets policy.

When I found one that allows dogs, I looked at the other things that are featured there in addition to pets being allowed there. I really liked the location because it is not that far from a few things that we really enjoy doing in the city. Knowing that we would be able to walk to our favorite restaurant rather than drive 30 minutes to get there was just as big a draw as nearly everything else there. Like I said, I am really glad that my husband wanted to move here, because I would not have found such a great place on my own.