This Really is a Dream Home

I wanted to have the perfect place to live, but I honestly never thought I would find it. I figured when I get married many, many years from now, then I would be able to focus on finding my dream home with my husband. So, you can imagine my surprise when I started looking at apartments for rent in Oceanside CA that I found the perfect one for me to call my very own. I thought that I was just going to find a decent place to stay until I found that perfect guy, but I found the best place ever, at least for me.

I like to do so many things. I love just chilling at home, but I enjoy swimming, working out and hanging out with friends too. The community features of the apartment complex allow me to do all of those things, but I still needed more. I needed an apartment that is kind of close to the things I like to do in town. Most of my friends enjoy watching movies at home, but I want the theater experience myself. I also enjoy eating out and going clubbing with friends, and living here means all of those things are close to me.

As for the actual apartment, it is amazing. I have so much room, and I was worried about the exact opposite. I thought that I was going to have a hard time finding room for my different pieces of furniture and all my figurines, but there is just a lot of room. I also like the perks in the apartment like the appliances, the washer and dryer, the balcony, the storage space, the window treatments and so much more. I will move when I meet my dream man and marry him, but it is going to be hard to top this place when we start looking for our dream home!