Chiropractic Adjustments Because of My Sedentary Lifestyle

I was working in an office for years before I realized something. I have always gotten up from my desk at least once every hour or so just to move around for a minute, but I learned that was not enough. While it did help a little bit, it was simply not enough movement to maintain optimal health. A coworker told me not long ago that she had started seeing a chiropractor in Cumming GA because she was just experiencing too much pain. She had read where sedentary people can benefit by having regular chiropractic adjustments, and she figured that it was worth trying, especially since our insurance covers these visits.

She went once a week for the first month, then tapered those visits down to every other week, and she will be going once a month very soon. She didn’t even have to tell me about the difference because I was able to see it myself. She told me that her chiropractor had told her that even taking a one or two minute walking break every couple of hours can still result in weakened muscles because we are just not designed to be that sedentary.

When muscles are weakened like that, stress injuries are much more common. A person will also start to lack energy, especially if they are constantly sitting, like in a call center. It also does not help being hunched over a keyboard all day, so she was very happy to find the relief that she felt she needed. She gave me the contact info for the doctor, and I made an appointment to see if adjustments would help me feel better too. I have only been there twice so far and had an adjustment each time, but I can already feel the difference too. I am so glad that I now have a chiropractor on my health team.