Making Life Easier with an Attorney Helping Us

We were driving home from my niece’s birthday party when a truck rear ended us. My daughter and son were in the backseat, yet they barely had a scratch on them. You would think they would have taken the brunt of it, but my husband and I did. I was pretty banged up and had a broken arm as well as bruising on my neck and shoulders, but my husband took the brunt of it. The days following were so bad that I knew I was going to have to contact a Sacramento personal injury lawyer to help us.

Our children were scared, and my husband was looking at a very long hospital and rehab stay. The insurance companies should have been handling this between themselves so we could focus on what was important, which was our family. I am not sure if it was because of the severity of his injuries or if that is just how insurance companies act no matter what, but I wanted nothing to do with it. I was not about to sign anything, and my husband was in no condition to sign papers either. I just wanted to get help so we did not have to deal with it.

I contacted Amerio Law after talking with a few people. While no one had ever personally used them, the ones who recommended them all said how they have only heard good things about them. After talking with them myself, I can see why. They took over immediately, and the insurance companies no longer bothered me. The law firm kept me updated, and I kept them updated on my husband. We are looking at a long road, but it is being made easier with the assurances that our attorney is giving us about the benefits that we will receive from the settlement to help us move past this.